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How to Throw a Graduation Party Without Breaking the Bank

How to Throw a Graduation Party Without Breaking the Bank

Graduation parties are an important event that congratulates a student’s hard work, and sees them off into the next stage of life. But graduation parties can be expensive. The average amount spent on graduation parties is $983, and there are an average of 90 guests. Costs can start to add up, which can be difficult for a family that has trouble making ends meet. Here are a few money saving tips that will make your graduation event the party of a lifetime.

Skip The Printer – Send Digital Invitations

Printing out hundreds of invitations can waste a lot of time and ink. Printing shops are high quality, but also expensive. So how do you invite your guests? Use the internet! These days, most everyone is on social media. Create an event on Facebook, Evite, or send out emails for those who don’t use those sites. If you have a few guests who don’t regularly check their computer, by a simple package of invitations. This saves on postage and printing costs.

Need Decorations? – Go to The Dollar Store!

While you may be tempted to shop at your local party store for decoration, you may end up spending hundreds of dollars on streamers and balloons. To save money, go to your local dollar store instead. These stores carry basic party supplies, including decorations, paper plates, napkins, and other party essentials. If you think the cheap decorations need a little more pizzazz, try flexing your creativity. Create a photo board using poster board and a ribbon border.

Save Your Tables – Rental Linens

Let’s face it, guests can be messy. Keeping your tables and chairs clean can be difficult, but buying individual tablecloths for every chair can start to add up. Instead of buying pricey specialty linen, or leaving your tables to the mercy of your guests, consider linen rental companies. These companies offer tablecloth and chair cover rentals for weddings, graduations, and other special events. Linen rental companies will also clean the linens after the event, and most will protect you against normal stains to the linens, like spilled food, drink, or candle wax. When renting linens for an event, be sure to know the approximate guest count, as well as the measurements for the tables you’ll be using. Renting linens for an event is a great way to protect your furniture without having to break the bank.

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