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Perfect Party Planning: 5 Tips to Ensure Your Tablecloth Rentals Run Smoothly

When planning a party, there are many small details that can get lost in the mix. Tablecloth rentals and linen decisions can easily get overlooked or left to the last minute. However, understanding how tablecloth rentals work can be beneficial to you in the long run, and can help to save you money. No matter what type of party you’re planning, thinking ahead about rental linens will help ensure your celebration goes as planned.

Take a look at these 5 tips for ensuring tablecloth rentals meet your expectations:

  • Know Your Numbers – Deciding how many people you want at a table should be a decision you make early on, whether planning a wedding or graduation party. Did you know that in 2013, an average of $196 was spent per guest for wedding receptions? Why does this matter? Ordering larger tables, or more chairs per table, can help reduce the number of tables and space needed for your event, in turn reducing your number of tablecloth rentals. Now, you’ll be able to splurge on some of that specialty linen you’ve been eyeing!
  • Understand Color Schemes – This might seem easy for a wedding reception, but for other types of parties, linen colors are important. If you’re going for a timeless look, try blush pink, gold, peach, or neutral colors. However, if you don’t want to settle for one color, think about renting pastel tablecloth linens. They mix and match well, and can keep a party gender neutral.
  • Choose Unlikely Linen Materials – You’ll spend the most on traditional linen materials, but mixing and matching unlikely combinations can give your party a truly unique feeling. If you want to throw an elegant party, but still want your decor to be accessible, try mixing burlap and lace. The lace adds a hint of elegance, while the burlap keeps your decor grounded. You’re also likely to save money on less traditional fabrics.
  • Seek Linen Rental Companies Early – Where to rent table linens is a question most people don’t think of until the last minute, leaving them with expensive and limited selections. Linen rental companies are easy to find online or through word of mouth, but be sure you seek them out in advance to ensure the process flows smoothly. They can help you understand your needs and walk you through any questions you may have, so you stress less leading up to the big celebration.
  • Don’t Forget to Accessorize – Your tablecloth rentals might be booked, but have you considered chair cover rentals? If you want to save money on chairs, you can rent folding chairs and order rental linens to cover them with. Sticking with white could keep your rental neutral, but feel free to mix up the colors as you see fit.

Stick with these tips for tablecloth rentals to make sure you’re covered for your big party. Remember, the key is to ensure you order in advance so that you receive the best deal and selections available.

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