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Say ‘I Do’ To Wedding Linen Rentals

Imagine a wedding party with 20 table tops. You’re picking the food, the center pieces, the theme, and staying within budget for each precious table. It’s not an easy feat. Spare yourself at least some of the hassle by using linens and chair cover rentals for weddings.

A few reasons to get on board with wedding linen rentals:

It saves clean up time. Most rental companies will clean the linens after the event and most policies protect against normal stains to linens. So basically, if everyone eats more or less normally, you won’t have to buy a single piece of linen for your event.

It’s budget conscious. According to a poll taken in 2011, the national average cost of a wedding was $26,984 in 2010. Renting linens for a wedding reception can save you time and money. Why purchase and store something you are not likely to ever use again?

It’s fun. Table tops let you play with design elements. From the floral arrangements and centerpieces to the linens, glassware and table trinkets, everything contributes to the perfect wedding table. Specialty linen and specific wedding tablecloths can play a huge role in the overall success of a table’s design.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming. You need to take pride in everything, including things like wedding reception linens. Take your time and find the best options that won’t break your bank account. If rental linens are one of those wedding checklist items that stir up some stress, make the smart choice: tablecloth and chair cover rentals for weddings.

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