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Things to Consider Before You Rent Table Linens for Your Event

When renting linens for an event, there are several things you have to consider.

Colors and Mood

Choosing tablecloth rentals often comes down to the colors. Rental linens in peach, gold, blush pink and other neutral pastel hues will create a timeless, vintage mood, where jewel tones like red, purple and royal blue tend to be more dramatic. Wedding linen rentals with checkered, zigzag or chevron patterns are perfect for summer or spring weddings and can also create a rustic feel when paired with the right decorations. Consider your colors and desired mood when renting linens for an event.

Tabletop Decorations

You’ll need to consider any decorations you’ve already selected and how they work with your linens. You can tailor your florals, centerpieces, glassware and trinkets to tie into a theme created by your linens. For instance, a combination of burlap and lace elements can create a gorgeous blend of earthiness and delicacy.


If you’re renting linens for an event where many photos will be taken, you should consider the texture of your linens. Linens textured with petals, rosettes or lace come in overlays or full linens and look great in photos.

Number of Guests

When you’re renting linens for an event, you should always have an approximate guest count and the measurements for the tables you intend to decorate. This will give the company an idea of what you need.

Cleaning Policy

Many linen rental companies will have policies pertaining to the cleaning of the linens after the event. Your company will remove and clean the linens after you use them. You may also be able to take out policies that will protect you from extra costs accrued by normal stains like spilled drinks, food or candle wax.


The Real Weddings Survey of couples who got married in 2011 revealed that the national average cost for a wedding was $26,984 in 2010, and a survey in 2013 revealed that couples spend about $196 per wedding guest. However, the average amount spent on graduation parties with 90 guests was $983, so decide what you can spend on linens accordingly. You’re likely to pay more for wedding tablecloths than you are for party tablecloths.

Considering these things will help you get the best linens for your event.

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