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Wedding Tablecloths: They’re More Important Than You’d Think

Planning a wedding in the United States is no small feat — or, for that matter, a cheap one. A 2011 poll of nearly 18,000 newlywed couples in the U.S. showed that the average cost of a wedding was approximately $27,000. According to another survey, the average amount spent on each wedding guest is roughly $200. Compare that to the average amount spent on graduation parties in the U.S.: $983, assuming an average of 90 guests. Needless to say, Americans take their wedding ceremonies seriously, and will seemingly spare no expense for the perfect wedding.

One task faced by couples and wedding planners is finding the right reception set-up. From banquets to chairs and chinaware, setting up the reception takes considerable time and planning. Finding the right tablecloth alone can be a hassle! That is why fabric rentals for weddings are a good, reliable option for reception ceremonies. Tablecloth rentals for weddings are offered by a number of businesses that specialize in wedding receptions, among other events, providing the event with beautiful cloth for tables, curtains, and other reception fixtures.

Choice of tablecloth may not appear to be an important decision but, then again, you’d be surprised on the difference tablecloths and curtains can make for a wedding. Rental linens with lighter colors such as blush, pink, peach, and gold can create a “timeless” look for a wedding, for example. Wedding tablecloths with zigzag or checkered patterns go great with spring and summer weddings, especially if they’re outdoors. More distinct patterns such as petals and laces look gorgeous and truly stand out in wedding photos. Those are just a few examples of how wedding tablecloths can affect the reception and those in it.

What do you think about wedding tablecloths and rental linens? Have you been to any weddings recently? Feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.

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